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Valentine Birth Announcements Page 1

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Click on image for larger view of the Valentine's Day baby announcements
Valentine birth announcements - Patchwork Hearts
B1075 Patchwork Hearts
5 x 7"
Hearts and Dots Birth Announcements
B1047 Hearts and Dotted Swiss
7 x 5"

Cherubs and Hearts Birth Announcements
B1087 Cherubs and Hearts
5 x 7"

Angels and hearts birth announcements
C786 Cloud Nine
5 x 7"
Cat and Kitten Birth Announcements
B798 Kitties for Girls
7 x 5"
Angel Birth Announcements
C759  New Love
7 x 5"
Baby Bears and Hearts  
C006 Baby Bears and Hearts
5 x 7"
Tiny Hearts
C821 Tiny Pink Hearts
5 x 7"

Candy Hearts
C653 Candy Hearts
5 x 7"